✅ Сьогодні, 06 вересня 2021 року, Олександра Гуменюк була запрошена виступити під час “Energy Sector in Ukraine – Current Developments and Future Business Opportunities” на тему «Drawing the framework on Renewables in Ukraine».

✔️ Захід організовано German Eastern Business Association за участі: DTEK; Energy Community Secretariat; European Commission; Federal Government of Germany for Structural Change in the Ukrainian Coal Regions; Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy; Germany; Heine+Beisswenger Stiftung; Ministry of Energy of Ukraine; NOTUS energy GmbH; Open Grid Europe GmbH; Siemens Energy.

💬 У своєму виступі, директорка Європейсько-українського енергетичного агентства зазначила наступне:

“Representing European-Ukrainian Energy Agency, a business association which since 2009 unites biggest international investors in renewable energy and energy efficiency we keep the policy dialogue advocating the sustainable energy development, promoting renewable energy and energy efficiency as the best instruments for the healthy natural environment for human being.

First of all, let me start with the most popular regions in Ukraine, where renewable energy is well developed: these are of course Southern regions of Ukraine (Odesa, Dnipro, Mykolaiv, Kherson, Zaporizhzhia).

➖The total investment in RES in Ukraine is about 10 bln EUR.

➖About 40 000 working places were created for the development and construction period.

➖More than 400 mln EUR were spent by investors to modernise the electricity infrastructure, where the RES power plants were constructed. During the development and construction period, the social support programs were implemented by investors, including roads repairing, administration buildings and infrastructure support, as well as taxes paid after commercial operation started.

➖Total installed RES capacity, of RES is 8983 MW, which is 15.7%.

❓One of the most popular topics about the renewable energy for the discussion in Ukraine and abroad is: who owns all these capacities of the renewable energy?

➖So the last diagram shows that shares of 30/30/30 are owned by SMEs/Internationals/Big owners + 10% of households (almost 32 000).

Talking about the challenges for the renewable energy sector we should mention:

➖debts to RES producers for 2020 and the new debts on monthly payments which are kept at the amount of 50-70%;

➖unstable regulatory framework with the retroactive changes of legislation: in 2020 reduction of FiT and in 2021 initiative of the excise tax 3,2 for electricity from RES (the draft law already passed the first reading).

➡️ Among the positive sides are the development of the new state support mechanism as the Feed-in –Premium, Auctions + the regulation on Energy Storages is under development as well. European-Ukrainian Energy Agency is actively engaged in the working groups at the Parliament and the Ministry of Energy.

➡️ Additionally, the green hydrogen topic is under the discussion and is the new perspective for the renewable energy deployment. The working group under the Ministry of Energy was established in August 2021, and started the work on the preparation materials for the Hydrogen Strategy development by 2030.

🟢 We hope, that with joint efforts of the international community, implementing the best practices of sustainable energy development, Ukraine will have new positive achievements finally for the end consumers and economy in general.”


*Дані статистики використано станом на липень 2021.